Joyshaker video challenge competition is ready!
Joyshaker video challenge competition is ready!
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Our products are exported to many countries throughout the world with the traditional base of the business being retail customers in Africa, USA, Europe and the Australia supplied via a network of distributors. Our experience also encompasses supplying some UK supermarkets and a major US household products company. Supplying products of high quality with excellent service means we have maintained long relationships with many customers around the world.
 Our main product, fashion sports water bottle, has beautiful shape and large capacity! In USA, Derek Ross, an NBA star, all are using the Bottled joy brand. The TikTok/INS anchors we have worked with have good data on conversion rate and purchase volume. As long as your fans have a demand for drinking water, the conversion is generally not low. Recently, a TikTok cyber celebrity released a video of a big water bottle, which directly exploded the order and sold 20,000 orders. We are optimistic about your works and potential.

We also can provided: Advertising agency services; Advertising consultation; Advertising and marketing; Advertising and promotion services and related consulting; Advertising and promotional services; Advertising and publicity services; Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Business consulting services relating to product distribution, operations management services, logistics, reverse logistics, supply chain, and production systems and distribution solutions; Event planning and management for marketing, branding, promoting or advertising the goods and services of others; Infomediary services, namely, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers through providing buyers with information about sellers, goods, and/or services; On-line advertising and marketing services; Online advertising network matching services for connecting advertisers to websites; Preparing and placing of advertisements; Providing business information, also via internet, the cable network or other forms of data transfer; Provision of advertising space by electronic means and global information networks; Sales management services; Sales promotion for others; Targeted marketing services; Preparation and realization of media and advertising plans and concepts; Providing commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services GLUGGLUG is looking forward to co-operating with both new and existing international partners to develop mutually profitable and growing business in the years ahead.

I can definitely send you one of the water bottle if you’re interested!

we are looking for up-and-coming influencers to snap some videos and post on their tiktol/Ins/YOUTOBE with our hashtag. What do you think? 




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